Our market

Airports, railways and highways require continuous third-party maintenance and enhancement which equates to an outsourced total of £15bn p.a in third party spend.

The independent regulators set investment targets for key industry players to ensure transport networks are reliable, have enough capacity and provide good customer services.

Transport Market Sectors MGS Revenue Transport Companies explained Regulator Regulatory Period Last Reg Period Spend
Total Market
Airports £40m CAA regulates investments and monitors performance for all aviation activates in the UK including Heathrow and Gatwick due to the airports perceived market power CAA 2014-2019 £6.5bn
Rail £50m Rail and Underground operators including Network Rail and TFL: ORR determines funding and spending plans of respective natural monopolies ORR 2014-2019 £58.3bn
Highways £40m Road maintenance and replacement spend is driven by safety requirements, historical underinvestment, increasing passenger demand and technological changes ORR 2014-2019 £15bn