M Group Services (‘the Group’), a leading provider of services to essential infrastructure markets in the UK, with a turnover of over £1.3bn, announces the transition to a new organisational structure in support of its continued, long-term growth strategy.

From April 2021, M Group Services will operate under a new Water, Energy, Transport and Telecom divisional structure. As part of the transition, Morrison Utility Services will evolve into two new entities, Morrison Energy Services and Morrison Water Services.

Morrison Water Services will sit within the Group’s Water Division, alongside IDSystems, IWJS and PMP Utilities. Morrison Energy Services, delivering energy infrastructure services, will form a part of the Group’s Energy Division that will also include the existing energy retail businesses, Morrison Data Services, Callisto and Protect My Property.

Jim Arnold, Chief Executive, M Group Services, commented: “As M Group Services continues to grow, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of capability, it is important that we continue to evolve and ensure we are structured to operate and deliver our services in the most effective way.

"The transition to this new organisational structure will align us more directly with the sectors in which we operate, providing the platform for continued, long-term sustainable growth and enabling us to focus very clearly on delivering for our clients.”