In celebration of Transport Day at COP26, M Group Services has been announced as a member of the Climate Group’s EV100.

EV100 is the Climate Group’s initiative to bring together forward-thinking companies that are committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. As a part of this, M Group Services has committed to electrifying 7,100 vehicles from our core fleet of over 8,000 vehicles by 2030. To further outline its commitment, M Group Services will also install 75 charging locations for use by customers and our people. 

Since its launch in 2017, EV100 has grown rapidly to drive the electric vehicle revolution. In 2021 alone, over 440,000 new vehicles have been committed and membership has increased by almost 25% to include 120 companies. Collectively, member companies employ over five million people, with total revenues topping $1.8 trillion.

Through EV100 member commitments, over 5.4 million vehicles will convert to electric by 2030 and over 9,400 charging locations will be installed – making it easier for both businesses and individual consumers to transition to electric. 

Jim Arnold, Chief Executive, M Group Services, commented: “We are proud to become a member of the Climate Group’s EV100 and to support our carbon reduction targets we have pledged to transition 7,100 of our ‘core’ fleet of over 8,000 vehicles to electric, as well as installing charging points at key locations by 2030. Across M Group Services, we are dedicated to behaving in a sustainable manner to the individual, our communities and the environment. This means we are constantly seeking opportunities for improvement, becoming a member of EV100 is aligned to our ambition of achieving an overall 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.”