M Group Services has signed up to support Engineering UK’s Tomorrow’s Engineers Code, further outlining our commitment to increase the number and diversity of young people pursuing engineering careers.

Across our Group, we are committed to encouraging young people to pursue a career in STEM, and to provide a route into engineering for those interested. Furthermore, we aim to offer educational and practical opportunities that help people tap into their potential and spark a sometimes unknown interest in the world of engineering. While engineering as a discipline has always played a vital and sometimes unnoticed role in making our lives comfortable, many professional disciplines are facing challenges to ensure that young people are supported in their learning and development of sustainable and versatile skills which are adaptable to ever-changing industry challenges.

With a broad range of opportunities available across M Group Services, we aim to work with fellow Code supporters to learn how we can improve our offering for young people. Our divisional structure, which spans four different sectors, is a hotbed for collaboration and the development of versatile skill sets and we hope that initiatives like the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code will allow us to continue supporting young people in their engineering careers.

Created by and for the engineering community, the Code asks signatories to commit to improving the quality, inclusivity, targeting and reach of activities designed to inspire young people and build and share understanding of how to do so. We will be joining a community of businesses and organisations that share an ambition and commitment to working together to build a better understanding of how we inspire young people to pursue and engineering career. 

Following an idea at a Year of Engineering roundtable, the Code has now implemented a framework of four pledges:

  • Ensuring programmes contribute to a sustained and rich STEM for all young people
  • Ensuring all young people have opportunities to engage in engineering-inspiration activities, so that no one is left behind
  • Promoting a positive, compelling and authentic view of engineering, and showcasing the breadth of opportunities
  • Improving the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities to develop a shared understanding of what works