Milestone Infrastructure has been using hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) instead of diesel and gas oils to reduce its carbon output.

On its North Somerset and Oxfordshire contracts, Milestone Infrastructure has implemented the use of HVO as an alternative to diesel and gas oils. HVO is renewable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable: synthesised from waste fats and vegetable oils and is proven to reduce the carbon associated with fuel usage by 90%.

North Somerset County Council recently approved Milestone’s use of HVO, reducing their carbon footprint on the contract by 150t CO2e. Additional benefits on this contract will include an 80% reduction in nitrous oxides, as well as an increase in on-site fuel storage capacity from 3L to 13L, in turn improving efficiency by negating the necessity to queue at public fuel stations. 

Similarly, Milestone has been using HVO throughout the duration of the Oxford A40 North scheme. With the scheme using 3,000 litres of fuel per week, using diesel would result in a carbon output 18,690kg per week, equating to 971 tonnes per year.

By using HVO, this contract would save 875 tonnes of carbon per year, the equivalent of planting more than 40,000 trees and 1,073 direct flights from London to New York. 

The positive environmental impact of the use of HVO has resulted in a review of where it can be utilised elsewhere across the Group. As a result, M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solution will shortly be installing HVO fuel tanks at the Stevenage and Castleford depots, which will service the entire M Group Services fleet. This aligns with M Group Services’ overarching Net-Zero targets and its commitment to reduce carbon emissions across all its operations.