Morrison Energy Services has been using this innovative parking solution to improve customer satisfaction and environmental performance by reducing waiting times, aborted jobs and vehicle milage. 

By joining forces with smart parking and mobility technology specialist AppyWay, Morrison Energy Services has been providing its London-based Smart Metering team with enhanced, real-time parking information.

AppyWay uses specific search criteria, such as location, start time and duration to enable Morrison Energy Services’ technicians to see the locations and real-time availability of all on and off-street parking bays across London.

The app provides an accurate, quick and simple view of all parking options across the city, including resident bay restricted hours, single yellow line restricted hours and paid bay maximum stay limits. 

By making parking a pre-planned activity, rather than an end of journey inconvenience, AppyWay provides a number of benefits to customers. Ensuring that time is saved when parking, the number of aborted visits to customers is significantly reduced, providing an improved customer service.

AppyWay also offers significant environmental benefits, as vehicle mileage will be cut down as less time will be spent searching for a parking space. By reducing driving time vehicles will spend less time sitting idle, minimising the carbon emissions being produced.

Core Benefits

  • Improved customer satisfaction through less aborted jobs and time delays when visiting customers
  • Increase in productivity with less jobs being rescheduled
  • Easier process for our technicians thanks to an accurate, quick and concise view of parking options
  • Cost efficiencies through avoidance of parking fines and unnecessary fuel usage
  • Improved environmental performance with a reduction in carbon emissions and unnecessary fuel consumption