Across M Group Services, we are committed to engaging with the communities that  we serve, and the curiosity of the younger members of these communities never  ceases to amaze. All of our teams throughout the UK and Ireland go above and  beyond when it comes to helping the local community, and our Morrison Water  Services team at the Normanton Depot recently hosted a very inquisitive young visitor. 

Rebecca Sharp contacted Yorkshire Water on social media with a photo of her three-year-old daughter, Penelope, who was mesmerised by the water company’s contractors, Morrison Water Services, carrying out works on her street. She was invited on her dream day out to the Normanton Depot.

Morrison Water Services arranged for Penelope and her mum to visit the site, organising her own PPE, a goody bag and a chance to see the diggers up close.

Penelope was over the moon to get the chance to see the diggers and sit in them, saying: “I sat in a real digger and pressed the horn, it was really exciting! I’ll be a girl digger driver when I grow up!”

Penelope’s mum, Rebecca, said: “Penelope is obsessed with all things vehicular, especially commercial vehicles and construction, so it was an absolute treat to be invited to the Normanton site for her to check out a real-life digger. They made such a big fuss of her and she had the time of her life! I hope she continues pursuing this passion as she grows up!”

Kerry Barton, Head of Customer Service at Morrison Water Services, added: “After seeing the picture of how excited Penelope was watching our team fixing a water leak near her house with the mini digger, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to welcome her to our Normanton site to see the diggers up close. It was a pleasure to meet her and I hope her enthusiasm for diggers continues, we at Morrison Water Services would certainly welcome her to be part of our Operational Team in the future!” 

Although Penelope may be slightly too young now, we constantly look to encourage girls to consider a career in STEM and providing access and insight like this helps shine a light on what a career in infrastructure looks like.