As part of its ongoing commitment to enhance the sustainability of its operations, M Group Services has launched a Group-wide PPE recycling scheme. 

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is usually the first thing people see when they encounter infrastructure works. Although its primary purpose is to ensure people’s safety, there is huge scope for PPE to play an integral role in the sustainability of the environment.

M Group Services’ all-new PPE recycling scheme will provide an opportunity for all Group operating businesses to sustainably dispose of used PPE. Each year, we order around 200,000 items of PPE Group-wide.

The new arrangements have been put in place in partnership with PF Cusack, a nationwide supplier of contractors’ tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), road traffic management and other products used in a wide range of industries including utilities and infrastructure services.

The scheme will cover all types of PPE, including hard hats, boots, and gloves, as well as waterproofs, fleeces, and workwear. It will be recycled into car roof insulation, panel linings and compressed mattress fillings.

PPE that cannot be recycled will instead be used as solid recoverable fuel. 

The Group already recycles safety barriers, traffic cones and metal and plastic signage.

To support M Group Services’ responsible reporting of its environmental outputs, the Group will receive a monthly carbon credit report. This regular reporting is aligned to the Group’s ambitious net-zero targets and forms a core element of the Group’s environmental commitments.

 Chris Spooner, Senior Category Manager at M Group Services, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Group-wide PPE recycling scheme. By developing our relationship with PF Cusack, a long-standing partner, we will implement a sustainable new method of PPE disposal that will help minimise our carbon footprint.

“Assessing all areas of potential improvement is essential in unlocking new efficiencies. Recycling something as fundamental as PPE is a great way to cut carbon emissions. We have ambitious environmental targets, and we recently wrote to the United Nations stating our intent to join the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Our new recycling scheme aligns with the targets of the SBTi.

“The recycling stations will be located at our depots and offices throughout the UK, making it straightforward for our people to recycle their redundant PPE and workwear.” 

For more information about how to recycle your used PPE, please contact: