M Group Services is committed to ensuring that it undertakes all its operations and activities in a manner that reflects our core values, ensuring every one of our people has a clear idea of what is to be expected from the business, and what the business expects of them. To support this, M Group Services has implemented The Way We Work.

The Way We Work is a governing document that underpins all of our operations, activities and behaviours across M Group Services, determining how each of our operating divisions are managed. The Way We Work outlines our policies, principles and expectations of our people, and the business as a whole.

The Way We Work is based on our Group’s vision and values; everything we do should reflect these. Addressing our People value, The Way We Work outlines our responsibility and commitment to creating an inclusive working environment for our people, as well as leaving positive, tangible and long-lasting impacts on the communities and people we serve.

Safety is a priority for everyone at M Group Services. The safety of our people and all those we come into contact with is of paramount importance, and The Way We Work identifies our key principles and standards for maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of our people alongside those that we serve.

As part of our Delivery value, The Way We Work explains how we are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable and reliable services to our clients and customers across the sectors in which we operate. Covering a range of topics including corporate social responsibility, best practice and data security, to name but a few; this element showcases how we deliver our work in a responsible manner, upholding our business values.

Behaving with integrity is another of our core values at M Group Services and The Way We Work details how maintaining the highest level of integrity is central to our operations. We have built and maintained relationships with our clients over a number of years and firmly believe that acting fairly and responsibly is essential to ensuring the trust and respect of our clients, customers and people.