M Group Services - where innovation is more than a way of thinking.

Innovation is a large part of our culture; our people are encouraged to challenge the accepted way and to speak out when they see untapped possibilities. This ethos allows our experienced Innovation and Intelligent Solutions team to develop new, innovative solutions no matter how large or small. Key innovation projects are managed by dedicated teams from inception to client delivery and beyond, ensuring solutions are adapted through time.

Our extensive innovation portfolio not only benefits our clients through cost reduction, efficiency and risk reduction but also benefits our people by providing safer work environments that create a better customer experience and improve infrastructure resilience.

We pride ourselves on the innovative solutions we have developed and enjoy looking for new ways in which we can challenge the status-quo to provide a more streamlined process for our people, our clients and their customers.

Jim Arnold, Chief Executive.

Operating through established, proven businesses in each Division that collectively employ thousands of skilled and experienced specialists, we have long-term relationships with our clients built upon a clear focus of safety, operational delivery, efficiency and customer service. Across the Group, we strive to innovate and deliver for our clients, and in turn, deliver for their customers.

Due to the multi-faceted nature of our services our innovations are selected to create in value in one or more of the following areas:

Customer experience Cost Reduction Differentiation
Operational Excellence Risk Reduction Regulatory Change
Client targets & Challenges Safety Health & Wellbeing
External Stakeholders Efficiency Environment

Creating the Future

Through the implementation and embedding of the Group’s innovations, we are creating a sustainable and successful future for M Group Services. By generating innovations that benefit at least one of our key drivers, we can continue to grow and enhance our businesses’ capabilities. Through this growth in capabilities, we can continue to provide an ever-improving service for both our clients, and their customers.

Adapting to ever-changing regulations, environments, and unexpected challenges is something that requires innovative ideas and thinking. In response to the challenges of our industry, our people are prompted to think differently, and come up with new ways of working. Whether it is developing a completely new idea or adapting an accepted method of working for a different purpose, overcoming challenges is at the core of innovation.

By utilising the technology at our disposal, and the expertise of our people across the Group, we aim to bring together the best ideas from all our businesses, to ensure the work we do is as successful and sustainable as possible. 

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