Stay Connected - Group-wide

Stay Connected is a Group-wide internal communication app and cloud-based intranet, allowing us to interact with our remote workforce, encouraging two-way employee dialogue. The introduction of a digital app also supports the Group's aims of becoming environmentally responsible, as we move to a paperless environment through increased digitisation.

Data Photo Portal - Energy Retail Division

The Data Photo Portal allows our customers to submit their own meter reads through our bespoke photo portal enhancing operational delivery through these key benefits; increased productivity in meter reads, providing an enhanced and more flexible service to customers and improving data accuracy.

AppyWay - Energy Infrastructure Division

Using specific search criteria (location, start time, and duration), the AppyWay app is delivering new efficiencies by enabling Smart Metering Field Technicians to see the locations and real-time availability of all on- and off-street parking bays across the London area. Key benefits include improved customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, lengthy searches for available parking spaces can also have an environmental impact, with wasted miles resulting in unnecessary fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Augmented Visualisation of Underground Services (AVUS) - Water Division

AVUS allows engineers to plan and manage works more effectively by mapping and viewing underground services in 2D or 3D augmented reality via smartphone and tablet screens, prior to excavation. AVUS minimises the risk of underground service strikes and third-party asset damage, improving operational efficiency and productivity by removing the need for specialist surveys.


Building the Roads of Tomorrow from the Road of Yesterday

In Hampshire, Milestone Infrastructure has recently opened a recycling facility that takes waste from the highway works and turns it into new materials that meet the Specification for Highways Works and the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways.

Carbon Benefits: The recycled road surface is laid cold, which means specialist insulated lorries are not needed to collect and deliver the material, and there is no waste from unused material. This method uses a fifth of the energy of traditional materials and reduces CO2 emissions by 40%. Within 12 months, the centre aims to deliver a net reduction in excess of 67,500kg of CO2.

Financial Benefits: The site will reduce construction costs by recycling tar bound material which would otherwise require disposal. It additionally plans to operate commercially, enabling and encouraging more sustainable construction in the area. We anticipate a saving of £320,000 per year through the reduction in waste disposal, plus an additional £300,000 saved in the reduction of highway construction costs for the County Council.

Close Call App - Transport Division

With a focus on enhancing our people's health and safety whilst at work, our Transport Division utilise an in-house, award-winning Close Call App, which improves the speed and efficiency or reporting close calls. All close calls are logged via a central, internal database which allows for back-office analytics which then informs relevant health and safety campaigns, ensuring our people get home safely every day.


Smart ID Cards Trial - Telecom Division

Everyone within our Telecom Division is assigned a unique Smart ID Card, this Smart ID Card is a record that an individual has successfully achieved the necessary requirements for our induction process. The Smart ID Card also features a QR code which, when scanned, provides a link to important information relating to training and accreditations as well as any assets that has been assigned to an individual.

On top of this, the QR code also acts as a verification system granting access to business specific apps to access necessary software to reference documents and complete operational aspects of work.

Solar Pods - Plant & Fleet

We have introduced five new solar pods at some of our sites in order to reduce costs and improve our environmental performance. The Solar Pods reduce noise, fuel use and CO2 emissions; providing a sustainable source of energy. One of the solar pods powered a site for several days and the generator only ran at 18% for the month. The use of the Solar Pod also resulted in approximately 17,000 litres of fuel being saved in the months between June and November. As a result we are investing in a further ten solar pods to be rolled out across more of our contracts.