What does ESG mean for M Group Services, its operating businesses and the 10,500 people we employ?

ESG embodies our commitment to the environment, our people, the communities in which we work and the governance that helps us operate with integrity.

It stands for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), a framework designed to be embedded into an organisation’s strategy. ESG ensures the needs of our people, clients, their customers and our investors are met.

Reporting on our ESG performance helps us identify opportunities and risks we may have as we deliver for our clients. It also reflects our four Values – Safety, People, Delivery and Integrity.

Taking each element in turn:

Our commitment to the Environment (E) focuses on how we can preserve and protect the natural world around us, what we are doing to cut carbon and make our operations more sustainable. We aim to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050.

By concentrating on Social Value (S) we are putting our people first, investing to keep them safe, providing opportunities and ensuring we are always considerate of others. We see the importance in offering our people the chance to develop their skills through training as well as personal and professional development opportunities. We also care about the communities in which we operate. We constantly look for ways to contribute to their quality of life, through volunteering, raising funds for charity and other positive support.

Our Governance (G) ensures we are clear about the legislation we must follow and the policies we have in place to help us operate with integrity. Governance is a framework of authority and accountability that keeps people safe, develops our people, ensures we deliver what we promise and behave in a respectful and sustainable way.

At M Group Services, we also focus on innovation alongside ESG. Innovation provides us with opportunities to adopt new techniques, products and processes that benefit our work and people which often have an ESG focus.

Each week, we highlight some of the actions and measures we have in place to make a positive difference. We look at different projects and how they enable us to be a progressive Group.