M Group Services and its operating businesses are committed to incorporating innovative methods and technologies into operations as part of the response to reducing carbon emissions and striving to achieve net zero targets.

One of the most important factors in reaching our net zero targets is the transition to carbon neutral vehicles. We already use HVO fuel in all our HGVs across the Group and are now looking to transition our light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to lower carbon options.

At Avonline Networks, after six months of careful planning working with M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions, we are pleased to be introducing the first of three electric (plug-in) LCVs. As the vehicles are new to Avonline Networks, we are actively reviewing and analysing telematics data to better understand how we can continue the transition to lower carbon transport options.

To facilitate this, the vehicles are installed with the award-winning Samsara Telematics system, which allows us to collect this data.

This data will:

  • Help protect our drivers, and members of the public
  • Better safeguard our, and our clients’ reputations for safe work practices
  • Improve efficiency across our businesses
  • Prevent incidents taking place
  • Reduce risk of damage to equipment
  • Provide insight from incidents and training resources for the future
  • Help instil a higher standard of safety, vigilance and accountability for all our businesses


We will also be looking to see how the system can best support changes in driver behaviour and potentially reduce carbon emissions too.

As the electric vehicle market evolves, we will continue to explore options that will best fit our operational business.

Our commitment to the environment focuses on how we can preserve and protect the natural world around us and make our operations more sustainable. As a Group, we are committed to reaching net zero by 2050 and achieving a 50% reduction by 2030.