This month, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of M Group Services’ Carbon Reduction Group, a key part of our work towards achieving our net zero target by 2050.

The Group was launched a year ago, to amplify our response to climate change. Over the past year, carbon experts from across each of our Divisions have been working together towards the goal of developing a science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target.

Meeting every six weeks, the Carbon Reduction Group forum is an opportunity for ideas to be discussed, sharing the best practices and innovation from across the Group. We are working together to make sure we have aligned goals to work towards.

The Carbon Reduction Group makes sure that objectives are aligned across M Group Services and its operating businesses. This helps us begin to make strategic decisions on how and where to reduce our carbon footprint now and into the future. The Carbon Reduction Group has increased our business-wide awareness and ambition towards decarbonisation and will extend our understanding of our carbon impact to eventually include our entire value chain.

Speaking on one year of the Carbon Reduction Group, Emma Bennett, Group Carbon & Climate Change Manager, said: “Having achieved ISO 14064 GHG reporting certification this year, we now are actively developing our science-based carbon reduction target. This is a key milestone which will provide a route map towards business-wide decarbonisation.”

Andrew Hunt, Director of ESG & Innovation, said: “We are super proud of our globally recognised leading ESG rating, and see our drive to decarbonise as a fundamental part of our plans to maintain our leading position. The CRG are a vital team and form a superb link between our headline decarbonisation plans, and our frontline operations in all the essential infrastructure service sectors we support.”