This week our apprentices across M Group Services’ operating businesses have taken the stage to showcase the skills they’ve learned and how they’re thriving since becoming an apprentice. Read about some of our apprentices here.

Apprentices are key to who we are and what we do. They bring new, fresh ideas to the business and a great attitude towards learning and developing. Amongst our apprentices we like to think that we are developing some of the leaders of the future. At M Group Services, there are plenty of opportunities for them to take.

Jayne Ellison, National Apprenticeship Manager said:

“It is a real pleasure to watch them develop even further as they gain more knowledge and confidence every day in what they do.”

To read about how Milestone Infrastructure supports apprenticeships in Oxfordshire, click here.

You can also read about our award-winning apprentice Dan Mitchell, Apprentice Team Leader at Callisto here.

To our apprentices, keep reaching for the stars.