M Group Services’ Director of ESG & Innovation, Andy Hunt, recently appeared as a panellist at BT’s Sustainability Festival, to discuss M Group Services’ commitment to using innovative technology to protect the environment and the communities in which we work.

The festival, which took place at BT’s Adastral Park Innovation Centre in Ipswich, offered an opportunity to showcase how cutting-edge technology can drive sustainability and help achieve net zero emissions across various industries.

The panel discussed the topic ‘Are Electric Vehicles (EVs) the solution: how can EVs work at scale and what role will data play?’. Hosted by Carl Morris, Sector CTO, Digital Industries at BT Group, the panel featured representatives from the telematics and liquid and solid fuels sectors, alongside Andy.

Representing M Group Services, Andy discussed how we are currently in the process of modelling our science-based targets and how EVs are a significant driving force in achieving them.

We’re currently at 8% EV penetration, up from less than 5% a year ago. We will continue to expand this proportion, reporting progress through our membership of the Climate Group EV100, and in our ESG & Innovation annual reports.

We are using the latest telematics information to better understand where our operations could use various EV options today, and also in the future. The telematics trials that we have already undertaken have shown a 4.8% reduction in the fuel we burn when we encourage what we call ‘eco-driving’ behaviour with our drivers. Over 40% of our commercial fleet is now using telematics which helps us be vigilant on road risk and to support eco-driving behaviour. Thinking ahead , we’re also looking at different mobility solutions like e-bikes and scooters for work carried out in ultra-urban environments.

Speaking on the importance of EVs in reaching our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets, Andy Hunt, said: “There is no doubt that electric mobility remains an important part of our scope one decarbonisation road map, and recent announcements to defer the halt of ICE vehicle sales to 2035, in line with the rest of Europe, does not change our focus.”

At M Group Services, we’re proud to hold our ‘industry top-rated’ ESG rating of 8.3, awarded by the independent ESG risk rating agency, Sustainalytics. In preserving this leading position, we continue to work to drive our decarbonisation agenda forward for ourselves and our clients. M Group Services continues to work towards being net zero before 2050.