Dyer & Butler has continued its commitment to safety on site with the introduction of emergency kit bags on its Wales rail frameworks.

Following a routine review of procedures in its first-aid response, the team worked hard to introduce an on-the-go emergency kit bag.

Operatives had previously noted that equipment kits were often heavy and difficult to carry, with key equipment being stored in welfare vans that were left at the access point of the railway.

The new emergency kit bags were designed to be light, with the ability to be worn like a backpack, allowing them to be carried by individuals to ensure each team has easy access to first-aid equipment, if required.

The bag, supplied by The Safety Supply Company, includes essential equipment, such as: a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, a burns kit, a sharps disposal kit and a spill kit. The bag is also the correct size to carry the defibrillator from the operatives’ van.

The kits have been well received by operatives, giving peace of mind to our people as they undertake their day-to-day roles. Each kit is maintained by the first aid team on site, to make sure equipment is in date and well stocked.

Speaking on the initiative, Nathan Thomas, Business Support Coordinator at Dyer & Butler, said: “Ensuring the safety and well-being of our teams is paramount in everything we do. The introduction of these emergency kit bags and the fact the initial idea of these bags came from the workforce working on site I believe reflects the positive safety culture we have at Dyer & Butler.”

Steve Broom, Safety, Sustainability and Wellbeing Director, at Dyer & Butler, said: “By being able to quickly respond to any type of incident or injury causing event, even on our most remote worksites, the improvements made by our team have not only added to our operational effectiveness and resilience, but they have also served to make the working environment safer for our people.”

The introduction of the emergency kit bags is an integral step in Dyer & Butler’s commitment to M Group Services’ ‘It Starts With Me’ cultural safety programme. The behavioural safety programme not only promotes health & safety improvements, but also promotes a positive culture where everyone is confident about making the right choices to deliver their work responsibly.

At M Group Services, we are committed to ensuring safety is our number one priority, making sure we look after our people, the public and the communities in which we work.