Following World Environment Day yesterday, M Group Services is delighted to report outstanding results from our carbon reduction efforts in the last financial year.

We’ve collated our scope 1 direct emissions, scope 2 electricity emissions and our scope 3 business travel figures from across M Group Services and our operating businesses and can now verify that our carbon intensity (the amount of greenhouse gasses we produce for every million pounds of turnover) has improved from a benchmark of 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per million pounds of turnover (tCO2e/£m) in 2020, to 23t tCo2e/£m for FY 2024.

Our commitment to net zero is further highlighted by the findings that our greenhouse gas emissions have reduced from 54 Kilotonnes to just under 50 (49.5).

These results mean we’ve not only achieved an absolute reduction in our carbon emissions, but also made operational changes that have led to us exceeding our own targets; our carbon intensity has more than halved in five years.

The data, obtained through adherence to rigorous ISO14064 reporting standards, reflects a wide range of factors, including benefits from our ongoing Green Fleet Strategy, which has seen the number of miles and hours run via electric and hybrid vehicles and plant rising significantly, along with an accompanying rise in biofuels and a reduction in our use of diesel vehicles.

While we recognise that there’s still a long way to go to realise our ambition of achieving net zero before 2050, we’re celebrating the fact that this financial year’s data is a step towards that goal. In addition, this year we are awaiting the review of our science-based target by SBTi and are actively measuring our scope 3 supply chain emissions.

Andy Hunt, Head Director of ESG & Innovation at M Group Services, said, “This is yet more evidence that our ambition to drive responsible and sustainable delivery is now firmly embedded in our culture. Figures like this demonstrate our determination to go further for our people, clients, communities, and the planet.

“This is very much a team effort, but I’d particularly like to thank our Group Carbon & Climate Change Manager, Emma Bennett for her vision and drive. Our colleagues across the UK have proven that they are open to new and better ways of working. They’ve exceeded even our high expectations with this outstanding result. “