At M Group Services, we are committed to creating inclusion and diversity across our business, which includes working with the wider utilities industry to tackle the under-representation of women in our sector.

This International Women’s Day (IWD) we are delighted to announce that we have become a partner of the Womens Utilities Network (WUN).

WUN aims to connect women across the utilities sector, providing a space for them to build networks, access development opportunities and progress their careers.

Led by M Group Services’ Water Division, which saw the need to partner with the network as an external source of support for its own Women’s Network, our partnership aims to provide an additional platform for women and men to share their experiences and champion equity in the workplace.

The WUN provides networking opportunities, running several in person as well as virtual events over the year, creating a space for people to share their experiences within the sector and external mentoring opportunities. With more than 6000 members and over 40 partners, including some of our clients, we hope our colleagues will feel the benefits of having access to the resources and opportunities that WUN provides as an established network.

As a partner of the WUN, our people can now access all its resources, including engaging events such as ‘Discover the findings of our 2024 Unconscious Bias Survey’ to the networks #IWD event.

Speaking on joining the network, Kerry Duke, Contracts Director at Morrison Water Services, and chair of the M Group Services Inclusion Forum, said: “Joining Womens Utilities Network is integral to our work across M Group Services to be an inclusive employer. As someone who has developed through several roles at Morrison Water Services, leading on gaining this membership was incredibly important to me. Across the business, it’s important for individuals to understand that there are no limits to what you can achieve.

“If our equality, diversity, and inclusion networks across the Group create a pathway for people to feel they belong, we know that what we do is worth it. Thank you to every person who has made active steps to support us as we move forward with our inclusion commitments.”

At M Group Services, we are committed to creating environments which give our people the opportunity to build lasting and fulfilling careers in the sector.

“We are delighted that M Group Services are partnering with WUN and look forward to working in collaboration with their inclusion forum and womens networks across the group “ Louise Parry– WUN Director.