We are proud to say the 2023 Medicine Ball Challenge is now complete and we’d like to say a huge well done to all our incredible people who have taken part over the past few weeks.

Each participant was cuffed to a 3kg medicine ball for seven days before passing the ball on to the next person. The ball is a physical, visual and tangible representation of the invisible burden of mental health so many of us can experience. As well as raising awareness we also managed to raise an incredible £950 for two charities: ABF The Soldiers Charity and Combat Stress and we couldn’t be prouder of the teams.

Concluding during International Stress Awareness week, the Medicine Ball Challenge helped spark conversations around mental health. Providing a space for people to open up about their own experiences, the challenge was eye opening for both our volunteers and everyone following our teams along the way.

The medicine ball was taken on many adventures during the course of the challenge including fish and chip shops, coffee shops, work meetings, out on runs, birthday meals and more. This was a great opportunity to break the stigma around mental health as well as raising awareness around the important topic.

Jonathan Yarr, Executive Director at M Group Services said: “When you take on the Medicine Ball Challenge, everything is harder. Much harder… Whether that is getting to work, doing work, eating lunch or just getting up for a glass of water. But this representative burden is the whole point, and we are fortunate enough to pass on the ball at the end of the week. People dealing with mental health issues aren’t so fortunate. This was a highly rewarding experience and I’m delighted we had the opportunity to raise awareness and highlight the importance of this cause to many of us at M Group Services."

Jonathan documented his experience on camera, you can watch it here. 

Paul Kerridge, Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (SHEQ) Director for the Energy Division said: “Lots of good conversations were had in the gym as everyone was asking about why I was carrying a medicine ball which then prompted the conversation around what the medicine ball represents with the burden being associated around mental health. It was really interesting to hear different people’s experiences.”

We’d also like to say a huge well done to all our other incredible participants: James Hobson, Finance Director at Morrison Water Services, Colin Jellicoe, Group HR Director, Andy Hunt, Director of Innovation and ESG at M Group Services, Mike Evans, Managing Director for the Rail & Aviation Division, Peter Tosland, Commercial Director at Morrison Water Services, Shaun Stephenson, Managing Director at M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions.

A huge well done to everyone who got involved, we are so proud of you for completing this challenge.