M Group Services, is proud to be named for a second year as one of the top-rated ESG companies worldwide by independent, internationally recognised, risk ratings agency Sustainalytics.

The market leading supplier of services to the UK and Ireland’s essential infrastructure companies has been ranked first in the business support services sub-industry when compared to over 160 business support service businesses worldwide.

In its second annual rating, M Group Services, continues to lead the way in its approach to protecting the environment, supporting people and communities and maintaining high standards of governance.

M Group Services has received an ESG rating of 8.5 out of 100, based on an in-depth independent analysis by ESG risk ratings agency, Sustainalytics. The lower the score, the better the rating.

This score means the Group continues to have a ‘negligible risk’ of reputational and operational risks through its direct and indirect operations, reflecting its commitment to a sustainable future and the UK’s target to be net-zero by 2050.

The Group’s latest score of 8.5 for the period 2021-22 is the leading score in the Business Support Services sub-industry and beats the sector average for the period of 20.7. It reflects the progress made Group-wide to further improve on the score of 9.6 received this time last year, based on its performance in 2020/21.

This performance means the Group can use the title ‘Industry Top Rated’ certification, reserved for the top 50 companies globally in the ‘commercial services’ sector. This sector compares the Group performance with over 400 other businesses worldwide.

M Group Services is in the top two percent of all businesses rated by Sustainalytics, over 15,000 companies from a range of sectors worldwide.

Supporting a sustainable future and the UK’s target to achieve net-zero by 2050 is fundamental for M Group Services which is continuously developing new ways of working and supporting clients to meet their net-zero aspirations. The outstanding ESG rating achieved, highlights the effectiveness of the steps the Group has been taking to evolve services for our clients.

Progress and innovations in 2022 include:

Andrew Findlay, M Group Services’ Chief Executive, said: “This is a tremendous accomplishment.

“To have improved on our first-year score is a testament to the hard work of our people who have made environmental sustainability, social value and good governance the cornerstone of their delivery, every day and for all our clients.

“Our ambition to be one of the very best ESG performing businesses underpins our ability to be a leader in the UK’s infrastructure services sector and supports our clients’ plans to deliver their own net-zero targets.”

Andrew Hunt, Director of ESG & Innovation, said: “We are delighted to be recognised as a high performing ESG organisation for the second year running.

“ESG and innovation is fundamental to the way in which our business will continue to grow and support the UK and Ireland’s essential infrastructure businesses.

“We know we must all find ways of challenging our practices and processes to ensure what we all rely upon as essential infrastructure is delivered sustainably now and into the future.”

To find out more about the steps we are taking to provide sustainable solutions please take a look at our annual ESG & Innovation report and watch out for our weekly ESG posts on LinkedIn.